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15 Feb, 2008:
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14 Feb, 2008:
After 5 years it was time for a bit of a redesign

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title : Welcome !

After 5 years it was time for a bit of a redesign, out with the old blocky style, in with the nice new OSWD based template and a few of my own photos

If you're looking for me (NSLM) try my Live Journal. Alternativly you can probably find me on Anarres.


title : What is NSLM?

People have asked on far too many occasions what NSLM is. The simple answer is that NSLM is me, Mark Chappell! I chose the name years ago, and am now at the point that so many people know me as NSLM that it would be nigh on impossible to shake off the name.

NSLM was an acronym "Not-So-Little-Monster", derived from the fact that when I was small I was often hyperactive and as such was referred to as "You little monster", at nearly 6 foot tall I am by most standards, Not-So-Little.


title : Spam from

If you've been receiving spam claiming to be from, this hasn't come from me, spammers often use totally fake email addresses, since they rely on you following the links in the email, and with some of the more recent spam, just reacting to the information in the email.

Trust me I'm more annoyed than you are about what they're doing. I've paid for the right to use this domain. They have not.

I do however post SPF records, this means that you can verify that the email you may have received, does come from a machine which I have access to and actively use to send my email from. Any emails coming from a box other than those published in my SPF records can be ignored, bounced, or otherwise disposed of.